At Mill City Running we deliver the most comprehensive free gait analysis in the Twin Cities.  No appointment necessary!

Step One: Gather the facts:

-Personal history of running.

-Past or present injuries we should be aware of.

-Past shoes that worked or didn’t work (bringing in old shoes is always helpful).

-Your short term and long term running goals.

Step Two:  Gait Analysis

-We ask that you take your shoes off (we'll provide the socks!) and roll up your pant legs, then we'll watch you walk and perform additional balance and flexibility movements. During this gait analysis we are looking at the mobility and flexibility of your arches and ankles. 

-Based on what we hear from you, and what we see in our analysis, we will then explain what type of shoe we suggest- ranging from a neutral cushioning shoe (which provides no additional correction to an already high/rigid arch), to a stability shoe (which would provide correction for a flat or pronating arch).

Step Three:  Fitting Recommendation

-We will bring out various brands in the recommended category of shoes.

-Our team will help you work through the options and talk about what makes each shoe different so you can make an informed decision.

-We'll encourage you to try running in your future running shoes- either outside on the sidewalk, on our treadmill, or just up and down the floor. We’ll be guiding you to choose the shoes that feel most comfortable and natural to you.

Step Four:  Video Analysis

-We utilize video software to record, compare and analyze your individual running motion and stride.  This assists in making an informed decision and validating your shoe choice.