At Mill City Running, our team is committed to contributing to the running community by keeping running fun, healthy and sustainable. One of the key ways runners can stay healthy and become faster and more efficient is to incorporate strength and mobility into a training plan. We feel like this is one of the first things eliminated from many runner’s training, often because they aren’t sure what they should be doing. We created the Run Strong class to give the runners in our community an opportunity to learn the types of things they can be doing to improve and prevent injury, plus doing it with others is much more fun.

While designing the course, emphasis was placed on two major aspects of strength training for runners; building power in order to improve speed and injury prevention to keep you training consistently. The coaches and creators (Sam JewsonAndrea Haus, and Bekah Metzdorff) have hybridized these aspects to help you achieve that PR you’ve trained so diligently to reach. Our goal is to create and uphold an environment in which participants of many ability levels are able to learn how to perform exercises with proper form in a space free of judgement.

Class is every Tuesday at 7 PM 
Each session is $10.