The Mill City Athletic Club

So what’s next for you guys?

A question that Bekah and I are asked once a day.  My usual answer is “we’re just going to keep this good thing going”.  This was an honest answer the past four years.

Then we got the itch.

The next evolution, being different, a new experience for our customers.  It drives us.  Pushing the boundaries of Run Specialty has served us well, so we’re going to try and do it again.

Through a series of increasingly improbable scenarios (ask me over a beer) we signed a long term lease for the second floor of our historic building in Minneapolis. 

So now what do you do when you double your footprint? 

The Mill City Athletic Club is the answer.

The Athletic Club is ambitious.  It’s outside our comfort zone, it’s a little scary, but so far it’s a lot of fun.

Don’t worry, the main floor will still house Mill City Running as you’ve come to know it.  The Athletic Club is where we’ll get to stretch our legs and show you something different.

What exactly is it going to be?  Well that depends on when you visit.

A community hangout for our customers and Race Team.  A space for our next great event. A co-working collective of like-minded small businesses.  And most excitedly, a rotational pop-up that highlights different brands, seasons and stories.  The Athletic Club will be all of these.

We’ll be announcing our first partnership later this week, so be sure to follow our social channels.  I promise it’ll be something the Twin Cities hasn’t seen before.